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What we do?

AGIS Fire & Security offer enable us to implement "turnkey" low-voltage solutions, teletechnical installations as well as fixed fire extinguishing systems.

Knowledge and competences we have been enriching through to different scale projects accomplishment during many years of cooperation within the Tyco structures. Our solutions we design together with our Customers, accompanying them at every stage of project realization.

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Building Automation and Management Systems BAS/BMS (Building Automation Systems, Building Management Systems) are advanced technical solutions designed to effectively control building installations such as electricity, ventilation, heating and cooling and to adjust their work to changing environmental conditions. The main systems task is to minimize the operating costs in the same time increasing its functionality and safety as well as ensuring optimum comfort of its users. BAS/BMS systems enable to collect, archive and process data related to the state of specific installations and control them in an automatic or semi-automatic way.


Ideal CCTV system should be easy and flexible in operation simultaneously providing excellent snapshots quality both in a daylight and at night to serve as an analysis tool regarding events in the building and/or serve as an evidence if necessary. CCTV solutions can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Video surveillance systems are widely used as a proven tool which facilitate prevention of crime and protection of people, public buildings, businesses, private property etc. They provide an immediate signaling of risk and a significant reduction of robberies, thefts or vandalism. Modern cameras offered by AGIS Fire & Security allows to effectively observe specific area both day and night regardless of lighting level.




Fixed extinguishing systems enable to automatically detect and alarm the threat of fire as well as automatically start extinguishing in the protected area. AGIS Fiire & Security offers a wide range of systems, such as gaseous extinguishing systems, water extinguishing systems (sprinkler, water mist and foam). These installations quickly and effectively fight with fire in a environmentally friendly way. The system type depends on the customers needs and specification of protected object. Thanks to technical knowledge, competences and experience of AGIS Fire & Security engineers the company is able to design, install, and run even the most demanding and complex systems tailored to the customers needs as well as the type of protected object.




Fixed Water Extinguishing Systems

Especially in such kind of objects like shopping malls, warehouses, industrial plants etc. where it is crucial to reduce the range of extinguishing action just to the area where a risk of fire occurred, water extinguishing systems are ideally applicable – they exploit readily available and cost-effective fire extinguishing factor.





Fixed Gaseous Extinguishing Systems

Wherever the value of equipment, materials or fine arts is crucial, not only effective fire protection is essential, but also necessity to eliminate the risk of damage caused by eventual  fire extinguishing action. Concerning such kind of specific conditions gaseous fire-extinguishing systems best meet customers expectations. They are ideally applicable in such objects as server rooms, data centers, archives and museums etc.









Regardless of the type of protected area, one of the basic safety rules is to control the flow of people moving within the designated areas. Possibility to decide who, where and when they can go is crucial to protect a building, people working in it,  information and property located there.

Access control systems includes a number of technical solutions which allow authorized people to comfortably move on the object ground and to protect against unauthorized introduction. Depending on customers’ needs, this solution may be a simple tool which assure monitoring of people movement, as well as a fully professional management system throughout the building with security systems functioning with it.. 

AGIS Fire & Security offer is addressed to a different class and size of objects ranging from single door supervision to complex control structures. The advantage of electronic access control systems offered by AGIS Fire & Security is modular construction, scalable size and system capacity easy to modify.

Depending on customers’ needs, this solution can provide traffic control of people and property, an active supervision of the controlled area, registration of all events in the system, automation of the motion control functions, a wide variety of technical, remote monitoring and remote places on any technology cards and readers. We can develop existing systems based on other manufacturers devices as well.


Intrusion detection systems are directed to effectively detect intruder in the building  and as quickly as possible transfer this information to the relevant departments and to take appropriate action. AGIS Fire & Security offers a wide range of devices ranging from panels, by all kinds of sensors, switches, peripherals and various accessories. Thanks to our long-term experience today we offer optimal intrusion detection systems which may be adapted to each type of object, whether it is a single, small building, commercial one or an office pavilion.








Fire detection and alarm systems are often seen as an obvious part of any building. Discreetly installed, for many months or years they remain unnoticed. However, in case of emergency their effectiveness and efficiency determines life or death of people. Reliable fire protection is a necessity and the easiest way to ensure the highest level of security is to choose AGIS Fire & Security solutions and services.


Fire alarm systems offered by AGIS Fire & Security are a top-class devices that  enable to create a comprehensive fire protection solutions. These solutions include equipment such as control panels for a simple installation, fire detectors with the latest detection technology and analogue addressable controllers for a large projects. Fire suppression systems are designed to reliably and quickly detect fire, save people live and minimize property damage. AGIS Fire & Security offers many types of systems and configurations that can be adapted to any type of object, whether they are large shopping malls, warehouses, offices, residential buildings or industrial plants with special hazards and that require a special solutions.


AGIS Fire & Security provides assistance and support at every stage of the project realization, beginning from risk analysis through designing and installation to full service and maintenance of installed systems. Highest competences, long experience and comprehensive offer enables us to provide a full range of fire & security systems such as: voice alarm systems, fire detection, fire extinguishing systems (water extinguishing systems, gaseous extinguishing systems, water mist and foam extinguishing systems).






AGIS Fire & Security offers a wide range of world-class anti-theft Sensormatic solutions - an effective tool to counteract and combat with the problem of shoplifting. This solutions allow to protect every single product in the same time ensuring customers the possibility to freely browse the store offer and exposed goods. Our solutions are designed on the basis of reliable anti-theft UltraMax technology, ensuring maximum systems efficiency.


A large variety of systems types and accessories enable us to customize the solution to best meet the customers needs regardless of specification and decoration of any interior. Sensormatic tags, labels and safers provide protection for all kinds of goods, starting from food through to clothes and underwear to the DIY products etc. Special accessories such as detachers and deactivators purposed to remove anti-theft tags and labels in a point of sales maintain efficient customer service in the store.






                EAS Detection Systems

             wide range of Sensormatic anti-theft systems






                tags and labels/ tags detachers, labels deactivators






     Smart EAS

    people counting systems, LDM II and remote diagnostics 







      Source Tagging

     effective protection throughout the whole supply chain










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Professional Team

Regardless of whether it is a simple alarm system, access control, video surveillance or a comprehensive security system, every project we realize with the same professionalism and care.

Security systems integration

On the basis of knowledge and competences we have built up in different market sectors we offer a full service in the range of fire & security systems. Long-term experience and know how enable us to create solutions together with our Customers to perfectly meet their expectations.


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